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Explore the most representative places of the fascist architecture in Milan


Explore the most representative places of the fascist architecture in Milan

Tour Description

Join this walking guided tour to discover the places of Milan linked to the Fascist period (1922-1945) following an itinerary through history, art and war.

Milan is the city where the Italian fascist party was founded and its buildings show the marks of the architectural style of that period.

Follow your guide through the streets of the city, stopping at Palazzo Mezzanotte, seat of the Italian Stock Market, San Sepolcro's Square, where the “Fasci italiani di combattimento”, predecessors of the National Fascist Party, were created in 1919, and Missori's Square.

Learn about the goals and the history of Mussolini's regime while visiting places that had a key role during the fascist period, such as Milan's Central Station, opened on 1931, where you will find the Holocaust Memorial, the Chamber of Labor and the “Casa del Mutilato”, built according to the national autarchic policy and with an austere architecture.

Visit the representative buildings of the fascist's politics of innovation, including Ca' Granda and the Palazzo di Giustizia, the Palace of Justice, that still today displays artworks by famous artists of that period, such as Mario Sironi, Carlo Carrà and Arturo Martini.

The tour includes a stop in Guastalla area, where you will find the Sinagogue and see the evidence of the deportations that took place in the city after the Racial Laws in 1938.

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What is included

Official Licensed Guide
Entrance Fees

Details and Important info

Duration: 2,5 hours
Operating Days: Everyday
Meeting Point or Pick-Up: Provided upon booking
Optional pick-up from your hotel/accommodation/airport or any other location
Language: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian
Tour Type: Private
Start Time: Customizable

Hilights & Sites visited

Milan's Central Station
Piazza Affari
Palace of Justice
Piazza Missori
Casa del Mutilato

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