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All the must-see sites of Rome in one full-day tour


All the must-see sites of Rome in one full-day tour

Tour Description

A spectacular overview of a fascinating city!

Whether you’re spending a day or a week in Italy, the “Rome in A Day Tour” provides an informative overview of the highlights of the remarkable Eternal City of Rome. With our accomplished English-speaking guide, you’ll acquire a wealth of knowledge in your time with us.

Our tour begins with the largest amphitheater of antiquity, the Colosseum. With reserved tickets, there’s no frustrating wait in line or wasting of precious time. Your guide will whisk you right inside to the interior seating levels. Construction of this Flavian amphitheater dates to 70 AD Outside you’ll see the famous triumphal Arch of Constantine, built in 315 AD to celebrate the victory of Constantine over Maxentius in the year 312.

Our tour continues to the Forum and ancient Rome’s central square. See the 1st Century honorific Arch of Titus, the House of the Vestal Virgins and the Temple of Saturn, the oldest sacred place in Rome. Visit the Senate House and the white marble triumphal Arch of Septimius Severus. Via the Sacred Way we’ll reach Capitoline Hill, the ancient Roman citadel. At its foot lies Il Vittoriano, Rome’s greatest marble monument celebrating the unification of Italy by King Victor Emmanuel II.

We’ll follow the aqueduct path to the ruins of an ancient Roman aqueduct before arriving at the world-renowned Baroque Trevi Fountain. Designed by Nicola Salvi in 1735, this lovely fountain was a prominent feature in Fellini’s La Dolce Vita. Toss in a coin, make a wish that someday you’ll return to Rome and be as happy as you are today.

Next, your guide will direct you to local restaurants for a satisfying three-course meal, pizza or hearty sandwich. After a brief rest, the tour heads to the Government District, to see Parliament and the Palace of the Council of Ministers. Marvel at the Column of Marcus Aurelius, an authentic 2nd Century architectural masterpiece.

A block away there is the Temple of Hadrian, built by Emperor Antoninus Pius, in honor of his predecessor. Behind the original marble columns is the meeting place of the local Chamber of Commerce. By way of a charming narrow street, we will reach the best-preserved temple of ancient Rome, the Pantheon. Here is the Tomb of Raphael.

We’ll cross the Ancient Baths of Nero to arrive in Piazza Navona, located on the site of an ancient stadium built by Emperor Domitian in the 1st Century. It is a stately square with churches and fountains, including the Fountain of the Four Rivers. Here we’ll see the work of Bernini and other 16th Century masters.

The Vatican is our last destination. We’ll cross the Tiber River to visit the Vatican Museums and Basilica of St. Peter. An informative high-quality tour of Michelangelo’s most famous works, the Sistine Chapel, Raphael’s frescoes and the popes’ apartments complete the tour.

At the end of the visit your knowledge of art will have been enhanced, and you will feel enriched by this unforgettable tour.

This tour books quickly, so please don’t hesitate to contact us for information and reservations at [email protected].


What is included

Official Licensed Guide
Fast-track Access
Entrance Fees & Tickets

Details and Important info

Duration: Full-day
Operating Days: Everyday except Sundays
Meeting Point or Pick-Up: Provided upon booking
Optional pick-up from your hotel/accommodation/airport or any other location
Language: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian
Tour Type: Private
Start Time: Customizable

Highlights & Sites visited

Vatican Museums
Sistine Chapel
Basilica of Saint Peter
Roman Forum
Trevi Fountain
Piazza Colonna
Government Palace
Hadrian's Temple
Piazza Navona
Piazza Venezia
Arch of Constantine
Alberto Sordi Gallery

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